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South End Gardens is committed to helping you realize the potential of your outdoor space through creative planning, custom plant selection, and informed green growing practices. Allow us to accentuate your home's front entrance, create a peaceful retreat for your private garden, or transform a sun-drenched roof deck into an urban oasis.

Our core design principles are based in simplicity, balance, scale, and interest.

We use a scientific approach to understand our urban soils, improve the health of our clients' gardens, and ensure sustainability.



Beautiful Urban Gardens Begin with Healthy Soil
South End Gardens is committed to improving the soil health of our clients' gardens. When plants are grown in high quality soils, they grow to their full beauty and potential. Healthy garden soils have high biological activity of beneficial soil microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, leading to natural cycling of nutrients that plants use for growth. Good soil structure is another critical aspect of healthy soils, leading to suitable soil aeration and drainage. Maintaining healthy soils can also lead to using less fertilizer and water, and increase a garden's sustainability.

Download our complete South End Gardens Soil study HERE.



As a homegrown Vermonter, gardening is naturally in Mark's blood. In a search to create a greener urban landscape, he has brought his passion for design, creativity and plant-growing experience to Boston. His many years working on a four-season diversified farm while teaching paid off when he earned a first place award for Historic Windsor, Vermont's 2007 Summer Garden Contest. He holds a BA in History from St. Michael's College and an Ed.M in Policy, Planning and Administration from Boston University. When Mark's not out digging up dirt, he's active in South End community gardening, traveling and enjoying weekends in Vermont with his partner Amit and their rescue dachshund Skeeter.

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